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Tse Chi Lop: Alleged Asian drug lord arrested in Amsterdam

A police statement, which did not name Mr Tse, said

the arrest warrant was issued in 2019, with police in the Netherlands acting on an Interpol notice.

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In pictures: Tens of thousands gather for pro-Navalny protests

Tens of thousands brave a police crackdown to show support for jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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Vissarion: Is this Russian cult leader a fraud?

The City of the Sun is home to a mysterious Russian cult known as the Church of the Last Testament. Its leader Vissarion used to be a traffic cop but now believes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Last September armed security officers stormed the City of the Sun and arrested Vissarion and two of his closest aides. They have been accused of embezzling funds from Vissarion’s followers and physically or mentally abusing them.

BBC Russian’s Nataliya Zotova travelled to Siberia to find out more about what happened.

Filmed in October 2020 under local Covid-19 conditions.

Produced by Vladimir Pirokov, Ksenia Churmanova and Paul Ivan Harris

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Covid: Italian PM brands vaccine delay ‘unacceptable’

Hungary’s government, which has complained over the time it is taking EU regulators to approve the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, has reached a deal with Russia to buy up large quantities of its Sputnik V vaccine, even though it has not received EU approval.

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Navalny protests: Hundreds arrested in string of protests across Russia

Hundreds of supporters of high profile opposition politician Alexei Navalny have been detained during protests across Russia.

Navalny was arrested for violating parole conditions immediately after returning to Moscow from Berlin, where he had spent time recovering from a nerve agent attack. Both his wife and lawyer attended protests in Moscow, and both were detained.

Because of past political activity Navalny has previously spent time in police custody, but this is the first time he has been held in a in prison cell. He and his supporters argue the charges are designed to silence him.

Prior to the rallies, Russian authorities had promised a tough crackdown, with police saying any unauthorised demonstrations and provocations would be “immediately suppressed”. Mass gatherings are also banned because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hundreds detained at Navalny protests in Russia

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Alexei Navalny: Dozens detained in protests across Russia

Detentions and warnings over Navalny protests

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Coronavirus: EU vaccine woes mount as new delays emerge

AstraZeneca is the latest company, after Pfizer, to warn of delivery issues, frustrating officials.

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Rémy Julienne: Stunt king to the stars who fell to Covid

Rémy Julienne was one of the world’s top stunt artists, devising crashes and collisions in 1,400 films.

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Coronavirus vaccine delays halt Pfizer jabs in parts of Europe

Some areas in Italy and Germany have to suspend vaccinations while they await Pfizer-Biontech deliveries,

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Russia detains Navalny aides as protests go viral

In the

“Putin’s palace” video Mr Navalny alleges that rich businessmen close to Mr Putin paid for a sumptuous 17,691sq m (190,424sq ft) palace for him at Gelendzhik, by the Black Sea.

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