203 CCTV cameras to catch traffic violators on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

203 CCTV cameras to catch traffic violators on Mumbai-Pune Expressway

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) will be installing 203 new closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at different locations on the 94-km Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The corporation has already issued tenders for the same.

The cameras will be installed at strategic locations so that it is easier to monitor the traffic violators. All those speeding, jumping lanes, not wearing seatbelts, or driving on wrong sides will be captured on camera.

Action will also be taken against those talking over the phone while driving, or those with fancy number plates.

In November last year, the MSRDC had reduced the speed limit on the highway so that the number of accidents could be brought down. Earlier, the speed limit was 120kmph, which was reduced to 100kmph for the eight-passenger-capacity vehicles while the speed limit for the 10-passenger vehicles was broght down to 80kmph.

If caught violating the speed limits, stringent action would be taken against the motorists.

“The speed limit has been cut to ensure that accidents are reduced. The existing cameras installed with speed guns are capturing the violators. However, the cameras are not sufficient. The manpower to monitor and take action against the violators is limited. More cameras are needed to track the violators. Therefore, a decision has been taken to increase the number of cameras,” said a source.

Besides monitoring the vehicular traffic on the highway, the cameras will help in catching the traffic violators and issuing challans to them with evidence.

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